Dear Anytime Fitness,

Over the years I’ve started to put on a few pounds, so I’ve started running on the treadmill at your gym. When I was in community college in the late 70s in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, I used to run on the local cross country team, “The Osh Kosh Community College Cross Country Team”, or as we nicknamed it “O Ko Co Co Cro Co”!

I had just met my future husband, Richard, and he loved my slender physique.

I’ve come a long way from that body, and I’ve been trying to return to my college figure, but haven’t been having much luck using your equipment! Is there a possibility the treadmill I’ve been using is defective? I always use the one closest to the bathroom (IBS), and run for 45 minutes almost every day, but haven’t been seeing the results I was expecting.

Is this normal?

Linda Wilson

P.S. Do you know where I can buy muscle milk by the gallon? The small ones take up so much room in my fridge.

Hi Linda!

Wow! It sounds like you’ve had quite the experience here at Anytime Fitness and I’d love nothing better than to sit down and hear more about it! When do you usually work out? I’ll do my best to be here to talk with you during your next workout so I can help with training options that will get you back to your fantastic college figure.

Thanks for the email Linda, and I’ll see what I can find as far as muscle milk by the gallon!

General Manager, Anytime Fitness MPLS

Thank you for your response, Allison, and being so willing to help me out. It will be so great to get some professional assistance with this, because I sure am frustrated with my fitness!

The next time I’ll be able to work out is Sunday. My friend Mary Inskeep and I will be running around Lake Calhoun that morning—it’s supposed to warm up finally! Can you believe it?!

We’ll be there at 8am, so if you want to meet us by the Yacht Club that would be great!

Looking forward to working out with you, and thanks again!

What a beautiful morning it was for a jog around the lake! Still a little cold, but Mary and I endured. Since I hadn’t heard from you, we only waited for 20 minutes at the Yacht club while we did some extra stretches. I tried calling your office, but you weren’t there so I wasn’t sure if you were on your way.

Mary was disappointed she missed you—she has lots of questions too! When is a good time for you to meet up?


P.S. One of my ankles is swollen after today’s run, should I heat it or ice it? It was a cold morning.

Hi Linda!

My apologies for missing the run yesterday > I’m sure it was very enjoyable for you both! I’m happy to meet with you both in my office anytime this week > let’s make an appointment and bring your questions, some sneakers, and let’s get to it so your ankles don’t swell up after every run! (By the way, if you have swelling, ice is going to be your best friend > 10-15min on typically does the trick) Thank you for all your hard work Linda!

General Manager, Anytime Fitness MPLS

Thanks Allison.

How does Thursday at 11 sound? Are you available then?

Yes Ma’am! I and my awesome Personal Training staff will be here to answer your questions and help get you to where you want to go. We’ll take good care of you Linda!


Perfect. It’s service like this that makes me proud to be an Anytime fitness member. You’re making my old gym look like a joke!

I should be there pretty close to 11 (maybe 11:15), but if my shift runs late it might be a little closer to midnight. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks so much for your assistance.

See you Thursday!

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