Dear Applebees,

I’ve been a big fan of your restaurant in Osh Kosh ever since you first opened down the street from my house. I was so excited to finally have a local neighborhood restaurant that was family friendly! My two kids love your appetizer sampler, and my husband loves a good mudslide or two (Chocolate is his weakness!).

On a recent trip back from Minneapolis we were thrilled to discover that you’d expanded and now have a La Crosse location! It was so nice to see a local business doing so well, and also great to get some food just like we’re used to getting back home. We had a great lunch, and Pam was such a nice waitress we made sure to leave her an extra good tip!

However, when doing some bookkeeping today I realized that I accidentally took the “Merchant copy” of the credit card receipt. What is the best way to return this to you? I want to make sure Pam gets the tip we left. Also, do you still have my copy the receipt?

Linda B. Wilson

P.S. Where do you buy your antiques? I saw a pair of snowshoes on the wall of your restaurant that look a lot like my grandfathers.

Hi Linda, my name is Chris Stern and I am the general manager for the Applebees in Onalaska. I would like to speak to you about your recent visit to the restaurant. Please call me at the store when possible.

Thank you,

Onalaska is a city next to La Crosse. This was news to me, and news to Linda.

Hello Chris,

I think I may have accidentally emailed the wrong place, because I’ve never been to the Applebees on Alaska—I didn’t even know you had one there! You guys are really expanding!

How do I get in contact with your La Crosse Wisconsin location?

Hi Linda,

Actually, we ARE the LaCrosse location. You can reach me @ 608-555-8570.

Thank you!

How on earth do you manage an Applebees in La Crosse AND an Applebees in Alaska? I used to manage a Country Kitchen in the 80s, and being present was very important—the one day I missed work the place almost burned down! Anyway, I don’t know how you do it!

I hate to seem rude, Chris, but can I get in touch with somebody local, like Pam? I would really prefer not to make an international call to Alaska. Am I in trouble? It’s ok if you can’t find my copy of the receipt, I’ve had some tax trouble in the past, but hopefully the IRS will let this one slide. What’s most important to me is making sure Pam gets the tip I left her.

Hi Linda,

I am the General Manager of the ONALASKA WISCONSIN Applebees. LaCrosse, Wisconsin and Onalaska, Wisconsin, are right next to each other as a highway is the boundary between the two cities. I have never been to Alaska either. I do have copies of the credit card receipts but need to know what day and time you were here. If could give me a call or e-mail me a phone number I can call you back and we can discuss what options there are. The store phone number is 608-555-8570.


Oh my goodness! Chris, that is so funny. I am laughing out loud right now! I had no idea! I can’t wait to tell my friends about this at book club on Wednesday. We’re actually reading a book about Alaska right now, which might explain why I misunderstood. Have you read Into The Wild? So far it is inspiring!

We were at your restaurant on April 19th around 2pm. I remember because we were rushing home to prepare for our Easter festivities the next day. Aaron and Denise are always excited for the Easter bunny’s visit, but honestly I think my husband was more excited than either of them! I told you he loves chocolate! I’m laughing out loud again!

Thanks for looking into this Chris, please say hello to Pam for me.

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