Dear Arby’s,

I recently saw your commercial advertising your “13-Hour Brisket”, and am very interested in trying it. My husband and I are huge fans of authentic BBQ (we get the McRib whenever it’s available!) so I am quite excited to try this brisket I’ve heard so much about.

However, I have some questions regarding the ordeirng process. Do I need to call in my order beforehand, or can I still use the drive thru? Is there a way to get the brisket immediately, or at least take some curly fries to-go while it’s being smoked? 13 hours is a long time to wait for lunch.

Linda B. Wilson

P.S. Can I bring my daughter Denise in to watch the brisket getting smoked? She loves cooking.

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Dear Arby’s,

Wow! I didn’t realize this 13-hour brisket was a local Osh Kosh special! Are you not offering it at your other locations?

I was just chatting with my friend Delores last night (who lives in Phoenix) and I was telling her about your new brisket, and she was very excited to try it also! So if you haven’t considered it, you might want to offer this item at all your Arby’s locations.

I still have some ordering questions regarding the brisket, and am unsure of how to get in contact with the Osh Kosh Arby’s location. Do you have contact information for them? I’ve run out of phone minutes this month, so an email would be preferred.

Thank you,
Linda Wilson

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