Dear Big Bend National Park,

I recently had the pleasure of camping in your wonderful park and really enjoyed the natural beauty of the area. The Rio Grande river is exquisite and catching the sunrise in the valley with the light coming off the rock faces was absolutely breathtaking and a highlight of our trip. I found the trails to be somewhat challenging for a woman my age (but not impossible!) and my kids even behaved themselves and had a good time. Thank you for everything you do!

However, I did have some trouble locating the clock tower. Not to discount the natural offerings of the area, but seeing one of the biggest clocks in the world would have been a nice addition to our amazing vacation. I assume the site has been closed for covid?

Linda B. Wilson

Good afternoon:

I’m sorry, but is this a legitimate comment? Big Ben clock tower is in London; Big Bend National Park is in Texas.


Hello Claudia,

Yes, I was asking specifically about the West Texas location of your park—that’s the one we visited. I didn’t even realize you had a whole other branch in London! After having such a good experience this last trip I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for future travel possibilities!

Do you have any specific campsite recommendations there? We stayed in the Chisos basin at the West Texas location (at the recommendation of another park employee) and we certainly don’t regret it, so I trust your expertise.

Thank you,


Every camping place in the park has something different to offer. Almost all campsites are by reservation only, so I would look on to see what’s available.

And here is the link on our website to information on camping in Big Bend:

Please contact me again if I can be of further assistance.

Thanks for the additional assistance and sorry to bother you again, but I can’t seem to find anything about your London location on your website. Are all the London campsites booked?? We’re looking for something in the March-April timeframe, and ideally the campsite wouldn’t be too far away from the clock tower.


Linda Wilson

Ms. Wilson:

To clarify:

We are Big Bend National Park, which you said you recently visited. We have nothing to do with London, or the Big Ben clock tower.

Reservations are required to camp in Big Bend ( and March and April are extremely busy times. You will just need to keep checking for reservations, or plan to camp outside the park.

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