Dear Brookstone,

I recently purchased your Rectangular Gas Grill Cover to protect my new Weber grill, and while I am pleased with the overall look of the cover, I have had some trouble using it while grilling. Although it fits snugly when the grill is closed, opening the grill is difficult while the cover is in place. I managed to prevent it from slipping by fastening it more securely to the grill with some duct tape, but I do feel a better attachment mechanism should be included with the product.

Also, when grilling, smoke seems to gather under the cover and pour out of the bottom making the meat very difficult to see. The heat generated by the grill also seems to be a problem, as the cover has melted slightly in places. I’m wondering if some venting might help, or if you sell a more durable version of this grill cover.

Are the problems I’ve described common with this product, or am I simply grilling at a higher temperature than recommended?

Sincerely, Linda Wilson

Dear Ms. Wilson,

Thank you for your email.

We apologize you have experienced problems using your grill cover. The cover is intended to be used ONLY while you are not grilling. The intentions are for it to protect your grill from the weather elements. Please make sure you take the grill cover off when you plan on grilling to avoid further damage to your cover.

Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.

Elisha Customer Service

I’m very disappointed to hear that, but it makes sense now that I think about it. If the cover was designed for use while grilling, it would be able to handle the heat without melting.

I am still interested in protecting my grill while cooking, though. Do you offer a product that has higher tolerance for heat, perhaps with vent holes? I would really like to keep my grill in good condition. It would also be great if that product came in green, like the one I have.

Thanks for your help,
Linda B. Wilson

Dear Ms. Wilson,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we do not carry the product you have requested, nor do we have a similar product that may suit the same needs or a specific resource to refer you to. We regret that we cannot be of assistance to you at this time.

We appreciate your interest in Brookstone products and hope that we can be of service to you in the future.

Elisha Customer Service

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