Dear Covert Ford,

My husband’s birthday is coming up shortly, and he’s been wanting a new truck for some time now. Since I’d like this to be a surprise, I thought Covert Ford would be a good choice of dealership.

Before I commit to purchasing, though, I’d like more information about the secrecy-related services you offer.

Can the car be delivered to our house sometime between midnight and 5am (when my husband will surely be asleep)? Also, is it possible to pay for the car after my husband has received it?

Thank you,
Linda B. Wilson

Linda- Sure! I’ve been here for over a decade and could regal you with lots of fun gift purchases/surprises. Let’s start with what kind of dream truck you’re looking for ? cell [XXX-XXXX] or e-mail . Ready to surprise!

Mrs Wilson, we can do this purchase any way you want to do it. We would love to help you surprise your husband! Call me at [XXX-XXXX] when you get a chance. I won’t be in the office until about 10.00 this am. Thanks

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