Dear Jazzercise,

I’ve gained some weight recently since I started trying to save money and buy food in bulk though Sam’s Club. While those bulk packages of bagel bites and half-gallon tubs of creme cheese are a great value, it’s a lot to eat!

After I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago, I decided I needed to shed some pounds, so I started looking for ways to get some rigorous exercise in a sustainable and fun way. My friend Mary Inskeep recommended Jazzercise, because she knows I’m a music fan.

I recently attended one of your workout courses, and while I found the exercise rigorous enough for my liking, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of real jazz music that was played. I was expecting hits by Yanni, Kenny G, Zamfir, and Enya, but was instead forced to listen to songs that reminded me of the time I was looking for an art show and accidentally wandered into Studio 54.

Do you offer any classes where actual authentic jazz music is played?

Thank you, Linda Wilson


I’m sorry you were disappointed. Jazzercise actually plays mostly current music. I hope you’ll try another class soon.

Do you take requests?

Our instructors have music and routines provided by the jazzercise corporate office. If it is a song in their list then yes, they will take requests.

Great, can I see what’s on the list?

The music changes every few weeks. There are hundreds of songs. You’ll have to talk to your individual instructor.

Great, I’ll bring my “Live At The Acropolis” cassette to the next workout!


Our instructors play their music through iPods. Which location did you attend? We have Lakeline Fitness Center and Northwest Rec Center.


I think it was the Northwest location, although I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not sure—my husband drove me at the time, we’re from out of town, and Richard is a terrible driver so we got lost! I remember it being close to a restaurant, because we got lunch after the session.

And oh dear, I’ll have to see if I can digitalize my cassette. I think my son has a machine that can do that.


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