Dear Tyson,

I recently got a bag of your jumbo chicken fingers at the grocery store, and my family was very impressed with the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. While eating dinner, my son Aaron had a great question: if the fingers of that chicken are so large and tender, how great must the rest be?

We’re having a family reunion next month, and having some jumbo chicken breasts or jumbo chicken wings would be very helpful, as we have a family full of big eaters.


Linda B. Wilson

Thank you for contacting us via the Internet, and sharing your thoughts about the Tyson Foods, Inc. Products. It is truly rewarding when our consumers feel strongly about our products and take the time to communicate with us directly. I will forward your comments to our Product Manager.

Right from its start our company has strived to produce economical, delicious, and nutritious items that appeal to discriminating tastes. We use only the finest ingredients available in all of our selections. Feedback like yours is very helpful as we are continually looking for ways of improving our selections and service.

Coupons for our products are available from time to time in the Sunday editions of local newspapers and in various magazines. Frequently, mail-in coupon promotions are available in local grocery stores, and we also have them available on our Tyson Foods, Inc. website @ We do not maintain a mailing list.

Thank you again for your comments and the compliment you pay by purchasing our products.

Leslie Hickman
Consumer Relations, FSQA

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your response, and I’m sorry if my original email wasn’t clear, but I am interested in purchasing the other parts of your jumbo chickens. I didn’t see anything in my local grocery store, but I assume you don’t just waste the rest of those delicious birds, which is why I’m contacting you directly.

My family reunion is just around the corner now, and I want to make sure I’ve got everything ready for cooking by the end of this week.

Could you please transfer me to a live email representative?

Linda Wilson

I apologize, we have all of our larger packages of products available at Sam’s Club. If you need further assistance please feel free to call us at 1-800-233-6332.

Hi Leslie,

I’m a member of Costco. Do you sell your products there? If not, can I buy them directly from you? My credit card number is 4640188005690899 Exp 2/19 and I would like six large bags of breasts and four large bags of wings. I told you my family is full of big eaters!

Thank you,
Linda Wilson

We have various Fresh Chicken Products as well as IF Chicken Products available in all Club Stores. Unfortunately, we are not in every club so therefore you will have to visit the clubs to see.

Also, we do not currently sale any of our products online.

This is just my personal thoughts, in the future I wouldn’t give out credit card information over email, as anyone could take that information and use it.

OH MY GOSH! You are so right! My nephew was just telling me about this last weekend and I guess I’m just so used to not worrying about it that it slipped my mind!

Would you please send me back the email I sent you containing my credit card number? It’s not that I don’t trust you, Leslie, I’m just trying to be extra careful.

This email thread contains all of this information.

Yes, but how can I make sure it’s deleted on your side? Can you forward me the deleted email? Do you think I need to cancel my credit card!? I really don’t want to have to apply for another one, I really like the rewards on the one I have.

Thank you Leslie!

Ms. Wilson,

If you need further assistance please feel free to call our toll free number @ 1-800-233-6332 for assistance.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. How will you return my credit card information over the phone?

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