Dear Mighty Putty,

I have great memories of playing with your putty as a child, so when I saw your product in the store the other day, I bought it for my son, Aaron.

I used to find transferring Archie comics particularly enjoyable, so I pulled out my husband’s vintage newspaper comic collection to demonstrate. Unfortunately, my demonstration failed and resulted in a ripped newspaper, a disappointed son, and an extremely angry husband.

I’m wondering if I received a defective product, or if I’m doing something incorrectly? I noticed that this putty no longer comes in a plastic egg, and am wondering if that somehow affected the shelf life.

Also, do you know where I can get a copy of the June, 4th, 1967 Chicago Tribune printing of Archie? It’s the one where Jughead enters an eating contest.

Linda Wilson

Thank you for your eMail.

Please be advised that this putty IS NOT the silly putty of yesteryear. It is an epoxy used to glue things together. It is not intended to be used by a child. If it dries to something it will not come off.

You’ll need to return it to the store where you purchased it.

Customer Service Plymouth Direct

Oh dear, that is very disappointing to hear, but makes sense now that I think about it. When I left it out on the counter, my son kept playing with it and tried making impressions of my car keys. I called him away to help me clean up his room, and when I came back the putty had hardened around the car keys. Do you know how I can remove it? I can’t start my car, and I have an appointment I need to be getting to soon.

Do you still sell the silly variety of your putty?

Linda Wilson


I was forwarded your email about our product, Mighty Putty. I’m afraid that you have us confused with the product Silly Putty.


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