Dear Wonderful Pistachios,

I keep finding empty shells in my bags of delicious pistachios. Did I receive a defective package? If so, how do I go about applying for a refund? I’ve already eaten the pistachios containing nuts.

Also, removing the shells is so time consuming. Do you sell a version of these nuts that’s easier to eat?

Linda Wilson

Dear Mrs. Linda Wilson:

Thanks for your email about Wonderful Pistachios.

We’re sorry you found our product to be unsatisfactory. Please accept our sincere apologies. We feel the satisfaction of our customers is the most important result of our production process.

Paramount Farms has a long history of providing high quality products to consumers. Through numerous inspections and protective measures, we make a product we believe everyone will enjoy. We strive to ensure product quality and purity from harvesting to packaging. Thank you for taking time to report this matter.

If you’d kindly send us the UPC (universal product code or bar code) from the package along with the lot number found close to the “best by” date, it would be greatly appreciated. This information will help us complete our report about your experience for the Quality Assurance department.

We will be sending a coupon for a fresh bag. We hope to regain your confidence in us and our products.

Also, we want to let you know that we do produce shelled pistachios. In case you are unable to find the shelled pistachios, we are providing the UPC number below which will assist your store’s produce manager in ordering them for you if the product is available from that store’s warehouse.

1411373406 - Wonderful Pistachios Roasted & Salted Shelled Pistachios

It’s been a pleasure to assist you.

Paramount Farms Consumer Care

Hello again. Pistachios were on sale at my local Kroger grocery store, so I bought another package and the same thing happened! I found two delicious pistachios without the nut meat inside the shell.

Also I still have not received the coupon for my previously defective bag as promised.

Also, would it be possible to take a tour of your pistachio farm? My son loves to play with farm animals.

Linda Wilson

Hello Mrs. Wilson,

We attempted to send your coupons via regular mail and the letter was returned to us undeliverable. Could you provide me with your full address so that I may resend them?

Thank you,

Ashley Fuller
Wonderful Call Center Representative

Thank you! Yes, please resend it.

My full address is I was having some problems with my mail but my friend John Osborne installed a new virus scanner on my Microsoft word, so maybe that’s why I didn’t receive it.

If it doesn’t deliver this time, I’ll get him to help us.

Linda Wilson

I apologize, I would need your mailing address so that I can mail the coupons.

Oh! Sorry!

My mailbox isn’t that big, so depending on many pistachios you send they might not fit. If it’s a big package please put it on the back patio.

Linda Wilson,
[Address Redacted]

Mrs. Wilson, We will be mailing product replacement vouchers. The letter and coupons will be in a regular sized envelope.

Also, to answer your question regarding a tour of the pistachio farm. I apologize but, we do not offer tours of our plant or farms at this time.

Thank you,
Ashley Fuller

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