Dear Subway,

Last month I purchased what I believed to be a 6 inch veggie sub. When I got home, I measured it, and it wasn’t quite 6 inches. Was this just a mistake during my visit, or are they all not quite 6 inches? I just don’t want people to get shorted a single millimeter of your delicious sandwiches.

Also, I would like information on opening my own Subway location.

Thanks for your time,
Linda B. Wilson

Dear Mrs. Wilson, Thank you for contacting Subway. I have received your comments and need to have a more exact location of the store you visited because there are several in the area. Secondly, with requests for franchise information, you can call 1-800-888-4848 ext 1315 but I will also email your requests to that department.

Have a great day!

Thank You,
Robin P—–r
SUBWAY ® World Headquarters
Customer Care Representative

Dear Mr. Potter,

The subway location I was reffering to is located on the corner of Victory Drive and Hoffman Road in Mankato. However, I had the same problem at the Subway on Riverfront Drive, as well as the one on Madison Avenue.

Thanks for looking into this matter,

Linda B. Wilson

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