Dear Chive,

My son is a big fan of your website. I bought him one of your t-shirts for his last birthday, and he wears it all the time. “Keep Calm and Chive On!”, he always tells me. He’s shown me some funny photos from the Chive, and it’s turned me into a secret fan of yours!

Well while I was out shopping in Osh Kosh today, I saw somebody wearing a red “Keep Calm And Carry On” button. Do you know about this? I’m not sure what legal action you could take from someone obviously stealing your tagline, but I thought you should at least be aware of it. If you need more information, I can go back to the Yankee Candle outlet and find the employee who was wearing it.

Linda Wilson

Hello again,

I’m not sure if you received my first email—I’ve been having trouble with my computer, and my tech savvy friend Josh has been very sick with some sort of virus lately, so he’s been unable to help me. So just incase you didn’t get my first email, I thought I’d send a follow up.

I was just reminded of this issue again because I had to go back to the Yankee candle outlet to get a few more pumpkin spice candles (fall is here!). My son Aaron was with me this time (and was wearing his favorite t-shirt), and we both saw the employee wearing her “Keep Calm and Carry On” pin. I went ahead and asked her some subtle questions about it, and got some information you might be interested in.

She was very friendly, and told me she got the pin as a present from her Aunt while she was going through her divorce. Poor thing. I felt so bad for bringing it up, that I didn’t press the issue any further. But the lead is there in case your lawyers need to figure out who is infringing on your trademark. The employee’s name is “Jessica T”, but has never heard of the Chive, so I think the Aunt is the person you’ll have to speak with. Sorry if this doesn’t help! I did the best I could.

Please let me know if I can help any further.

Chive On,
Linda B. Wilson

It’s ok, England invented it. But we’re Americans so technically it’s ours since we won the war ;)

Wow! Thank you! That was an interesting video. I wasn’t aware that we were at war with the British that recently. I never cared for the people much, anyway, although I have always loved St. Patrick’s day.

I feel much better about that “Keep Calm and Carry On” pin Jessica was wearing now that I know the history behind it. Now I just feel bad for making her tear up about her divorce. I’m going to go back to Yankee Candle Outlet to apologize. Do you have any free Chive pins I could give her to make up for it?

Linda Wilson

P.S. Was “Keep Calm and Chive On” originally a British phrase also?

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