Dear Tostitos,

I recently purchased a bag of your “Scoops” tortilla chips, and was disappointed at how easily they break while scooping. I have tried several different brands of ice cream with no luck – the chips simply will not scoop satisfactorily. Would you recommend a different product for this purpose, or do you think the problem is with the ice cream I’m using? I have found that letting the ice cream melt for a little while improves matters, but I have yet to be fully satisfied. I am hoping you sell a stronger chip, that would better suit my needs.

Thank you,
Linda Wilson

P.S. I would try using frozen yogurt, but my daughter is allergic.

We appreciate your comments. We do our best to provide consumers with a wide variety of great-tasting snack food choices. Our chips are made to accompany regular dips for chips, not a texture as thick as ice cream. Your feedback and concerns will be relayed to our Research and Marketing Teams.

All of us at Frito-Lay appreciate your interest and hope you will continue to reach for Frito-Lay products whenever you are looking for great tasting snacks.

Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs

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