Dear TurboTax,

I am trying to use your product this year to complete my tax filing as my 2010 New Year’s resolution is to embrace technology.

While I am pleased with how easy it is enter my tax information, I have some concerns with my results. When I entered the site, I was notified that the service would cost me $49.95. However, I am about to file my taxes and the website is telling me it wants to pay me $1,650.00 dollars.

There must be some sort of error in your program—I would just like to pay the fee to use your service to file.

I am also concerned that this will cause me to file my taxes late. Can I get written permission from you to allow me to be a day or two late on my tax return?

Linda Wilson

P.S. Please respond quickly—taxes are due on April 15th this year.

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