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I can’t wait for the follow up to the third email.

Hi Jeff,

Are you ok? I talked to your neighbor yesterday and they said you were home, so I’m not sure why you didn’t answer the door or respond to my previous three emails about Hired.

The robots are getting smarter.

It’s always nice when you feel like you can really be you with the people you work with. Earlier, I got this message from the development manager at this company that I regularly work for.


Charles and I were discussing paintball this morning and it occurred to me that paintball could be a fun team event in October! Charles is an avid paintballer, so he would of course be on my team. Let me know if you have any particular reason why you think paintball is for the birds, otherwise, I’m going to see if we can reserve a field.


And in an ongoing effort to be honest and authentic, I replied:

Hard pass for me.

Don’t let that stop everyone else, but I don’t do paintball primarily for reasons of being a huge target/wuss.

The truth hurts. But a little less than getting hit with paintballs.