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A friend of mine recently won a contest on Facebook by spotting a misidentified bird species in the March-April edition of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine. He was able to correctly identify the bird as a Dickcissel, which up until yesterday was a word I had never heard before.

I admire this, because this sort of nature knowledge is completely foreign to me.

Despite my admiration, the bylaws of our friendship require me to make at least one wisecrack about any achievement in a subject in which we do not share knowledge.

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In 2009, I emailed my friend Sam this 70 minute video review of the Phantom Menace. I figured if me, as a casual-sorta-fan thought it was real interesting, he’d love it.

I don’t think he ever watched it, but 5+ years later, he’s still replying to that email thread.

5 year email thread

My favorite comment, 3.25 years later: “I really think I’m going to enjoy this”