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Spin Doctors shorts, designer unknown. Birkies and Shaka to complete the look.

A friend gave these shorts to me in 2002 or so, and I have no idea where he got them from. Despite their appearance, they’re not made for water activities and I never wear them because they’re so heinous. But I’ve kept them all these years because they they feel like a precious artifact from another time and the mystery of how they got here is intriguing.

Who green-lit this project? Did the designer intentionally make the pockets comically tiny as a tip of their hat to the album we all know? When I came down the stairs in these shorts was my girlfriend laughing at me or with me?

“Sorry for the delay. My mom died shortly after you emailed (unrelated), so I went dark for a while there.” —Me, catching up on emails I didn't respond to in December

There’s not many times you can make this solid gold joke in your lifetime, so I’m taking it for all its worth. Don’t worry, my mom would approve.

This is what my Electrical Engineering classes felt like in college. My professors were alledgely teaching real knowledge and not making up words like these guys are, but still, the feeling was the same.

This guy is a master. The chuckle before he says “as you may remember from your high school days” is priceless.

The original video was apparently made by Bud Haggart, an actor who filmed industrial training films in Detroit. Apparently he was so tired of not understanding the things he was talking about… he filmed this as a joke.

One of these days I’m going to share my hand selected, locally sourced, fair trade, 100% organic small batch collection of gifs with you.

But until then, here’s my most recent addition.

Can’t get enough of this guy.

This is what it’s like getting premature feedback on a thing you’re designing or developing.

“I’m not seeing any door handles.”

Right, I haven’t even gotten to the doors yet.

Have we thought about people potentially falling out of the side of the car?

We have. There will be doors.

“You were going to put wheels on, right? We’re going to need wheels.”

Right, yeah, wheels. This car will have wheels.

“The car we ordered was red. Why isn’t this red?”

RIGHT. First we build the car, then we paint the car.

Driving east this morning and shiiiiit, that is a bright star.

The three stages of driving east around dawn:

Stage 1: It’s so early! But so quiet and peaceful, I could fall right back asleep. Why am I doing this to myself? Did I really need to leave this early?

Stage 2: Oh, the sunrise! This is great. How often do I watch the sunrise? I should do this more often. Damn, that’s beautiful. Look at those colors. This world is amazing.


It’s always nice when you feel like you can really be you with the people you work with. Earlier, I got this message from the development manager at this company that I regularly work for.


Charles and I were discussing paintball this morning and it occurred to me that paintball could be a fun team event in October! Charles is an avid paintballer, so he would of course be on my team. Let me know if you have any particular reason why you think paintball is for the birds, otherwise, I’m going to see if we can reserve a field.


And in an ongoing effort to be honest and authentic, I replied:

Hard pass for me.

Don’t let that stop everyone else, but I don’t do paintball primarily for reasons of being a huge target/wuss.

The truth hurts. But a little less than getting hit with paintballs.

TRUTHBOMB. And I say this as someone who once called himself a drummer. This shit is backed by science and supported by one other drummer I know.

Enjoyment of drum solos, charted

The rest of the drummers strongly disagree, as you can see from the conversation snippet below.

Spot the drummers