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I went to a programming meetup the other night, and they were running a contest for OSCON tickets—”tweet as us and mention OSCON and we’ll randomly select someone at the end of the night who will win a badge to the OSCON conference”. I hadn’t even heard of OSCON, but apparently it was an open source developers conference right here in Austin TX. ANNND the tickets were pretty expensive. “A valuable prize”, I thought.

But I hate whoring my twitter feed out, tweeting at things and mentioning brands. I follow people that have no problem with it at all, and maybe I should just relax. But nah, I don’t do that.

So I wanted to make the tweet funny enough to stand alone, and spent the duration of one of the less interesting talks crafting this gem:

Turns out the whole “randomly selected” thing was misleading, and it was more like “we’ll pick the one we like best.” I got chosen, won the badge, and had to tell the audience how 9 year old Jeff called into the radio without hearing what the giveaway was, and then got on the air and found out he won a perm. True story.