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Back in those quaint times when it seemed like there was no way Texas would re-elect everyone’s favorite Senator, Ted Cruz, I woke up one morning with the url “cruzclues” in my head. Remarkably nobody else had thought of this, so I snagged the domain and then created a site to fit.

Thankfully there hasn’t been a shortage of meme content since he secured that senate seat for another term.

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Lamar Smith is a real douche canoe, it turns out. I was a little checked out of local/regional politics before this year, but now I’m on the case.

Who knew that it was so easy to get a hold of Lamar Smith’s office on the phone? Who knew I was living in a crazy gerrymandered district with this evil douche supposedly representing me?

Climate change denier, sponsor of big anti-privacy bills, in the pocket of Trump & Co, and the dude won’t even show up to a townhall because he knows his constituents have some things to say. This guy has to go.

I live in Austin and my fuckwit texas senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn sponsored this lovely bill. I’m glad that for all their hard work, they both got a little side bonus from ISP lobbyists out of the deal. In total, $8,121,535 was donated across the house and senate to make our representatives continue to ignore their sense of ethics and vote for a bill that rolls back basic online privacy rights.

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This was a great read.

Do you feel any better about your fellow Indianan Mike Pence?

He only got elected because he looks like The chair-throwing, longtime Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball coach. Bobby Knight. Jeez, Pence scared the hell out of me. There was a therapy …

Conversion therapy. There’s debate about whether or not Pence actually supported it.

Yes, conversion therapy. That’s when I just thought, Oh God, really, Indiana? I don’t care if you’re a fundamentalist Christian — even they have gay relatives. They can’t be saying homosexuality is a sin. It’s horseshit. Then this transgender issue that just happened, I just think, Are you kidding me? Look, you’re a human, I’m a human. We’re breathing the same air. We have the same problems. We’re trying to get through our day. Who the fuck are you to throw a log in the road of somebody who has a different set of difficulties in life?

Oh man, this is a long video but it’s worth the watch. I can’t think of another president/vice president combo where their friendship seemed so geniune. The stuff they say about each other in this video will break you.