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Making future plans is an effort for me usually, and I can often get wrapped in the days so much that I miss the weeks and months flying by.

Since I quit the 9-5 thing and started playing the self-employment game I’ve been able to work from anywhere, but for a while I didn’t really take advantage of it like I wanted to. So somewhere around the beginning of this year I decided to try and travel somewhere every month in 2016.

A modest goal. And it’s a goal I stuck to.

In January I was in San Francisco to visit my friend Stephen, and then we went to Tahoe to go skiing. Also went camping in Colorado bend State park.

In February I went to New Orleans for a bachelor party, and I was in Houston at a client onsite meeting for a week.

In March I was in Portland for a conference and for fun.

In April I had a magical long weekend in New York City.

In May I had no plans and the month slipped right by. And then on the 28th, realizing if I didn’t act fast I would have failed, I looked for last minute flights to anywhere to keep up this goal. Flights to Denver are always cheap, so I called up my friend Knox to see if he was available.

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