We as a people have a problem with our phones. Some people more than others. But things like this… really make me shake my head and examine my own relationship with my all-knowing, all-answering, always-with-me, constantly-buzzing, internet-connected device.

I think I’ve said it before, but “If you climbed mount everest and didn’t take a photo at the top, did it count?”

So, a reminder to everyone, including myself: capturing that you were at an event is not more important than being at the event. Unless this event is a conference that your work sent you to, that you secretly had no interest in and really just wanted to go to Chicago. Then, capture the shit out of that event, and make it look like you really learned some things.

That’s beside the point, I guess, because the event that the group in the video is at is not a baseball game. They’re at a baseball stadium where hotdogs and churros are served, and every once in a while people cheer. That’s the event they’re at.

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