Dear Worm,

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel our meeting tomorrow, and back out of our deal regarding the crack rocks. After crunching the numbers this weekend, it just doesn’t look like I can realistically afford to buy that sweet sweet candy after all.

Is it alright if we wait a month or so?

I assure you that this has nothing to do the quality of your C-rocks, and nothing to do with your dog Axel scratching up my BMW in your driveway (it’ll buff right out). Rather, it has everything to do with a bit of financial strain right now. My property taxes were higher than I expected, and I had to dip into some slush money to fund my Roth IRA. That, along with some pretty spendy bar tabs lately (bottle service!) has left me running a little lean this month.

I appreciate your offer to give me the first order for free, but I really just wouldn’t feel right about that. I understand you’re running a business, and I’m not the type to take advantage of somebody.

The good news is that I’m due a bonus next month, and if everything pans out my girlfriend will get her first taste of the rock on the beach in Maui.

Sorry again. Please send my regards to Slingshot and B-Nibbles.


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