Cue the tears, this is a heartbreaker.

“No matter what people think, I know I’m a human first.”

It’s easy to stay in our bubble and pretend that struggles like this don’t exist. But they do, and it’s a good reminder that our lives are a fucking cakewalk comparatively.

If the three minute video excerpt cracked your heart open a bit—you’re not the only one. When it first came out, the internet got motivated and started a fundraiser to get Ronald back on his feet.

But let’s give our hearts the ol’ mortar and pestle treatment by knowing this:

It’s been a year since these fundraisers were started, but Ronald is still homeless. From thousands of dollars that were raised he only saw $200 and a cell phone that was cut off. The people who fundraised for him where never to be seen again. They ran with his money.

Ronald was reluctant to talk to us at first—his belief in humanity was broken, but we promised him we are here to help him and spread this story. He deserves justice, and he still deserves a fresh start that he was promised.

I have no words.

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