Dear Central Market,

You’re my favorite grocery store by a long shot! I’m a regular, and I’ll always be a regular—but I have an important comment about some cookies of yours.

It’s those chocolate crispy ones. You know the ones.

I have been buying those things for years, and they are simply amazing. AMAZING. And ever since I discovered those marvels, I’ve watched the price slowly and steadily creep up in dime or quarter-sized increments to its current pinnacle of just under $6.

I’ve wondered about the motivations of the price increases. Did a kink in the supply chain shoot up the cost of the ingredients? Did the “Low Gluten Diet” sticker that was added a couple of years ago produce a spike in demand, while supply remained steady? Or did someone at CM finally realize what a gold mine those cookies are, and decided to set a premium product at a premium price?

No matter the reason, I just wanted to let y’all know something: there is no price that I will not pay for those cookies. Tack on another couple of bucks for all I care. I’ll probably still hit a weak point come the bakery section and slide a cylinder of those babies into my shopping basket without thinking twice.

But you’re not fooling me. I see what you’re doing, and I don’t love it nearly as much as I love the cookies.

Jeff Keen

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