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A friend of mine recently won a contest on Facebook by spotting a misidentified bird species in the March-April edition of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine. He was able to correctly identify the bird as a Dickcissel, which up until yesterday was a word I had never heard before.

I admire this, because this sort of nature knowledge is completely foreign to me.

Despite my admiration, the bylaws of our friendship require me to make at least one wisecrack about any achievement in a subject in which we do not share knowledge.

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Andy: Just found her last name and phone number. In an email from months ago with a list of teachers willing to babysit.

Me: Hitting the google?

Andy: Can’t find her

Me: Amateur

Andy: Oh, it’s easy. I’ll just hire a PI to find out if she’s single. That’s not weird, right?

Me: Maybe hire a PI to find your balls. And then use them to ask her.

Andy: I see what you did there.

Andy: It takes balls to hire a PI

Me: You need a plan. Maybe you can write her a funny note.

Andy: In blood.

Andy: To show my devotion

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