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I think I made this in 2001. It was around the time prank calls using Arnold soundboards were really popular (I’ve got some of those, too), and I can’t remember if I made this at my parents place, or at the house I lived at for that one year in college.

Because, yes, in college, I mostly lived with my parents. Or as I liked to say at the time, “with an elderly couple”.

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I was working on getting an old project updated, and I stumbled upon this beautiful artifact. #TTYB, or expanded: “Take that, you bitch!”

Why didn’t I work harder to remember this? Why isn’t #ttyb already in the common lexicon?

In this new age of hashtags, I encourage you to use this gem. And don’t limit yourself to apps/sites that recognize hashtags. I find hashtags are used best in mediums where they serve no special purpose, like email, text messages, and hand-written notes.

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My girlfriend was in a really crumby mood, so I sent her this video. I also shared it with another friend, and in a very small way, it went viral. Viral between 5-10 people.

And hey, it still cracks me up, so maybe you, too.

If I had originally planned on sharing this, it wouldn't be a portrait video.

In 2009, I emailed my friend Sam this 70 minute video review of the Phantom Menace. I figured if me, as a casual-sorta-fan thought it was real interesting, he’d love it.

I don’t think he ever watched it, but 5+ years later, he’s still replying to that email thread.

5 year email thread

My favorite comment, 3.25 years later: “I really think I’m going to enjoy this”

I stumbled on a reddit thread this morning with photos from a 1946 yearbook with some outrageously dated captions. Some commenter said he imagined in in an old-timey announcer voice, so I thought it’d be fun to turn it into a video. So that’s what I did for an hour today.

Over Thanksgiving I watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for the first time (I know). But it reminded me of a video I started making years ago, which I have unearthed and accepted that it’s something I’ll never “finish”, and this is all that it is.

I’m not sure what it would have been, but I’ll tell you this: the first 25 seconds still crack me up consistently. The combo of the Insane In The Membrane intro and John Candy being obnoxious on a flight… that just does it for me.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

This restaurant serves some some the best Thai food in town, and with some changes, I will make this a five star review.

  1. You need to add a back patio with a fountain. The fountain should have colored lights in it, which would look really cool at night.
  2. Add apple pie to the menu. My mom has a great recipe, and that’s the one you should add to the menu. I love apple pie, and it would be great if this restaurant served it.
  3. The “authentic Thai” menu items aren’t that good. If you offered deep fried chicken as an option, it would be better.

Once these things are changed, I will update my review!