This was my Facebook new years post this year:

Let’s make 2016 a lateral year.

Maintain the status quo. Stay in your comfort zone. Avoid challenges, and stay away from new experiences that might change you. Avoid vulnerability at all costs. Dare NOTHING.

Stasis is the magic word.

2015: You were a heartbreaker, and it’s been a fucking experience. But now I’m done with you.

2016: I’m coming for you.

The last couple of months here have been consumed with work, travel, and creativity. And not so much on the website updating, obviously. I finished up some pretty big projects last year that left me feeling burned out, and the feeling hasn’t really subsided. Way more into exploring places and writing music lately, but it all ebbs and flows.

So far 2016 is off to a solid start. I had a pretty fan-fucking-tastic trip to San Francisco and Tahoe over the New Year, best photos below.

Beauty. 😍⛷⛅️🏔

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Other recent experiences documented on my Instagram.

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