I recently bought a pretty bad-ass sit/stand desk, and as a result am selling my old glass desk on Craigslist. I have it listed for $60.

As is customary for selling things Craigslist, no matter what the item is priced at, there’s always a negotiation. You could be selling a $500 item for $20, and there’s a 90% chance that the buyer will ask “will you take $10 for it”. (Lack of punctuation is also customary Craigslist behavior.)

Them: Do you still have desk a you posted on Craigslist

Me: Yes, do you want to come and see it?

Them: Yes please when are you available

Me: I work from home so any time today would work for me

Them: OK it would have to be until around 7pm is that fine

Me: Sure, sounds good. I’m in South Austin, do you think you’ll be here at 7?

Them: Yes or perhaps closer to 730 also would you be willing to take 40

Me: I would take $50. Deal?

Them: Well I would be driving all the way from parmer lane which is why I can’t be there till 7 so with driving the distance can you do 40 and it’s a deal

Which brings us to our topic. I want to sell this desk, but I also really want to send back a tasty zinger, which I realize could cost me this sale. This is a risk I’m willing to take, as I have faith the desk will eventually sell. But currently, I’m trying to figure out the best possible zinger I could send.

Option 1

“Sometimes I drive all the way up to Fry’s and buy things, and they don’t give me a discount for all my trouble. Nice attempt, but the lowest I’ll go is $50 right now.”

Option 2

“The price just went back up to $60.”

Option 3

“$50, and I’ll have a glass of water waiting here for you.”

Option 4

“Should I have the wambulance waiting for you when you arrive?”

Option 5

“Well I’m gonna have to stick around waiting for you tonight when I’d rather be doing other things so how about we do 50 and it’s a deal”

Option 6


Option 7


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