Prince being Prince and just nailing this guitar solo at George Harrison’s tribute concert.

Also worth watching: Prince’s amazing superbowl half-time show. Playing Purple Rain in the pouring rain? C’mon.

There was a great exchange on Facebook between two of my friends when Prince died:

Mark: I’ve never been so sad that a musician has died. I’m even sadder today than yesterday. I can’t put my finger on the reason why–I’m not even a ‪#‎prince‬ superfan.

Tony: I think there’s so much bullshit in the world, and then you have a guy like Prince. Gifted, creative…an icon. A guy who always did things the way he wanted to do them. It seemed like he was all about giving his music and his vibes to the world… It sucks that a guy like that suddenly disappears

Mark: Beautifully said. Prince was 100% Prince and 0% bullshit1.

In the Spring of ‘93 I was in sixth grade, and I vividly remember riding my black Raleigh 21 speed mountain bike across my hometown of Mankato, Minnesota to meet a girl I just started seeing. It was a beautiful crisp spring Saturday, and I was looking sharp in my black windbreaker pants, and matching black, white and bright blue windbreaker jacket. Most importantly though, I had my walkman strapped to me and my headphones on with Prince’s “7” blasting on repeat while I made the 2.5 mile ride.

Those harmonies got me then, and they still get me today.

  1. Definition of bullshit needs some clarifying here, but I like the sentiment regarding his music. It could be argued that Prince was full of bullshit if you’ve heard Kevin Smith talk about his experience with him

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