Recording an album in an actual recording studio is on my bucket list. I want some songs I wrote on vinyl and to be out in the world far more than I want to be on a stage. And I think this is the year that I do that.

After nearly a two year songwriting slump I’m back in it, and have started organizing songs I have, re-working things that need re-working, and picking out the best ones to put on an album.

This exercise has been reaffirming, and I’d like to share for accountability purposes the excuses I have told myself in the decade re: why I couldn’t record an album.

  • I don’t have enough songs - lol
  • The songs aren’t good enough/ready - do it anyway (and yeah, they are)
  • I should play the songs out in public first - But why
  • I don’t have the money - I spend more money on less important things
  • Who would listen to it? - doesn’t matter, me?
  • I need to get a band together first - eh
  • I can probably record them well enough myself - you absolute loon

This Time It’s Different

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