I think I made this in 2001. It was around the time prank calls using Arnold soundboards were really popular (I’ve got some of those, too), and I can’t remember if I made this at my parents place, or at the house I lived at for that one year in college.

Because, yes, in college, I mostly lived with my parents. Or as I liked to say at the time, “with an elderly couple”.

I’d tell people “I take the trash out, and do other things around the house for them, and they let me stay in their basement practically rent free. They’re really nice people. Sometimes they’ll even cook me dinner.”

It was a pretty good deal, and some people I told about it were amazed, and wished that they too could live with their parents an elderly couple.

And when that nice elderly couple found out what I was telling people, I feared the worst: that they’d be heartbroken, or angry. But they weren’t. They thought it was hilarious.

“I’m gonna suffer through four years of an electrical engineering major and then never use it!”, I’m probably not thinking.

Because hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re a nerdy 21-year-old Electrical Engineering major who works at a computer store and lives with his parents and still wants a hope in hell of meeting a lady who’d be willing to take her clothes off. So I lived with an elderly couple. I worked on campus. What major? Can we change the subject? Let me tell you about this elderly couple I live with.

Obviously this strategy worked wonders, and I had zero free time around the difficult and retrospectively useless classes I was taking to do silly creative projects such as this Who/Arnold mashup.

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