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I think I made this in 2001. It was around the time prank calls using Arnold soundboards were really popular (I’ve got some of those, too), and I can’t remember if I made this at my parents place, or at the house I lived at for that one year in college.

Because, yes, in college, I mostly lived with my parents. Or as I liked to say at the time, “with an elderly couple”.

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I was working on getting an old project updated, and I stumbled upon this beautiful artifact. #TTYB, or expanded: “Take that, you bitch!”

Why didn’t I work harder to remember this? Why isn’t #ttyb already in the common lexicon?

In this new age of hashtags, I encourage you to use this gem. And don’t limit yourself to apps/sites that recognize hashtags. I find hashtags are used best in mediums where they serve no special purpose, like email, text messages, and hand-written notes.

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In 2009, I emailed my friend Sam this 70 minute video review of the Phantom Menace. I figured if me, as a casual-sorta-fan thought it was real interesting, he’d love it.

I don’t think he ever watched it, but 5+ years later, he’s still replying to that email thread.

5 year email thread

My favorite comment, 3.25 years later: “I really think I’m going to enjoy this”

Over Thanksgiving I watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for the first time (I know). But it reminded me of a video I started making years ago, which I have unearthed and accepted that it’s something I’ll never “finish”, and this is all that it is.

I’m not sure what it would have been, but I’ll tell you this: the first 25 seconds still crack me up consistently. The combo of the Insane In The Membrane intro and John Candy being obnoxious on a flight… that just does it for me.