Dear Tesla,

I’m thinking of getting one of your cars, but am a little concerned about the gas mileage. How many gallons of electricity do your cars take? My Honda CRV takes 15 gallons of gas and it lasts me the week, as long as I don’t drive to Milwaukee to visit my cousin Brenda.

I’m also wondering if I can still fill up at my Chevron station? I have a chevron credit card and don’t want to lose my points.

Thank you,
Linda B. Wilson

Hi Linda,

Have you been in to see a Model S? If not, I would be happy to schedule a test drive and we can go over all of your questions

The Model S will go 300 miles and simply needs to be plugged into an outlet in your garage - you’ll never need to go to a gas station again!

We have SuperChagers along the way to Milwakuee at which you can charge for free - so you’ll have to find a more fun way to spend your gas money. :)

We are located in Eden Prairie - where are you? Feel free to give my line a call to setup a time to drive!


Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response. I am interested in coming in to get some more information, and might be in your area next week.

Do you have actual cars available for a test drive, or just models? When I went to the Acura dealership the other day they let me drive the actual car.

Hi Linda,

Great! Just let us know when and we’ll make it happen. You can absolutely drive one of our test drive cars.


Thank you Ashley! I can come in early next week.

Can you offer any sort of entertainment for my two children while I consider cars? Aaron is 8 and Denise is 6, so a playscape, an xbox, some soda or popcorn, and/or a subscription to a magazine like Sports Illustrated for Kids or American Girl would be great for Aaron.

Denise isn’t as fussy—if you’ve just got some counters that need dusting, she can amuse herself for an hour.

Hi Linda,

Great! What date and time is best for you so we may block off the calendar.

We only have one car to test drive so we won’t be looking at a ton of cars but we will spend an hour together going over the options and the ordering process and taking a drive. Your kids are welcome to come with!

We are not like a typical dealership where we have a separate kids playroom, but we can help keep them entertained. We have coloring books and crayons for them also.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Are the Crayons Crayola brand? Aaron has been known to eat Crayolas if unattended, so please be aware of that. Off brands he doesn’t seem to like the flavor of as much.

But you’re right, it might be easier if we just take them with us on the drive. Does the test drive car have a DVD player? I can bring along “Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel” if so.

I will get back to you on dates that work for me as soon as my husband gets back from the Osh Kosh farmers market. I left my calendar in the car.


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