Here are some items of note

Dev Stuff


Members only right now, but it powers the now playing data, schedule, FCC book-keeping, and the web player of 91.7 KOOP, and soon many other community radio stations. I’ve worked my tail off on this for the past few years and I’m super proud of it.

Ember Stereo

I built the audio player infrastructure for New York Public Radio (ember-hifi), and recently created a new, rebranded version that is waaaaay easier to use.

Comma Splice

This writeup on how I fixed 32,000 incorrectly formatted CSV files was featured in Ruby Weekly and was pretty interesting to boot

Tracking Number

I wrote this ruby gem to detect tracking numbers in 2010 and it’s remained used and useful. I also know a lot about tracking numbers now—and this might surprise you—but the topic doesn’t come up a lot.


I wrote about notifications right after getting into Deep Work, by Cal Newport. I just read through the essay again while creating this list and my oh my how I’ve regressed.

Fun Stuff


I built LaTlmes with my friend Jake, arguably the best rick rolling mechanism in existence today. It gets an absurd amount of traffic.

Cruz Clues

I thought Ted Cruz could be defeated with memes, but unfortunately not.

Side Action Tuesday

A weekly social group I started to regularly plug away on side projects. This was way more effective pre-pandemic.

Sincerely, Linda Wilson

My friend and I have been writing letters to companies under the guise of a naive middle-aged midwestern woman named Linda Wilson since we were in college.

I Know It’s You (Hey Jeff, It’s Roger)

I wrote a song for my brother in 2014 where I compiled years worth of voicemails together of voicemail messages together and it briefly got on a frontpage of reddit. I wouldn’t call it my best song, but it is fun.