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Jake and I just finished a little collaborative effort. For this little thing, he initially wanted a way to throw in a legitimate looking news article into a chat conversation but have it end up with sort of a “just kidding” type page.

To me, this seemed like a good time to bring back the Rick Roll.

We wanted to have the URL look as close to a legitimate news organization as possible, and considered things like “”, or “”, but ended up with with the incredible, which we are pronouncing “Lah-Tillmes”.

Of everything in this silly project, the name is the thing I’m most proud of. A two pixel difference between it and a legitimate news organization’s URL? Amazing.

Because when receiving with a message from a friend like, “whoa, this is crazy” paired with long url like, are you really gonna notice that it’s a lowercase L instead of a lowercase I?

No. No, you are not.

Jake made the real nice design, and I did the development. Create a headline on the front page, and choose the video your target will end up being forced to watch: Rick Astley, Tay Zonday, or Epic Sax Guy.


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