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SXSW Film is my favorite part of SXSW. For 5 years now I’ve gotten the Film wristband ($80 or so) and seen basically everything I’ve wanted to see, with little hassle. This year I saw some ammaaaazzzziinng movies. It might be my favorite year yet.

If you live in Austin and like to watch moving pictures that make you feel things, you should get a wristband next year. I’d been nagging my friend Andy to get one since 2013, and this year he finally did. Besides getting his bike stolen (classic SX), he had no regrets and says he’s going to do this every year.

Join the club.

Here’s a too-long breakdown of everything I saw that’s worth mentioning. You should see these 7 full length documentaries, 7 documentary shorts, and 2 narrative feature films. Or at least watch the trailers.

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