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You use multiple passwords, right? Do some of your passwords just vary by the last character? Probably. reallylongpassword and reallylongpassword1, maybe.

In the clip below, I try logging into Instagram, using the first incorrect password, followed by the second variation.

See what happened there? The first password was wrong, so I thought I’d just edit it and add a 1 to the end of it, but when I tried to do that it cleared the field. This seems to be the norm in iOS apps, and it provides for a less than ideal experience.

There are two correct options, here.

  1. After entering an invalid password, clear and focus the field. This makes it obvious to the user that they have to retype their password.
  2. After entering an invalid password, don’t clear the field, but allow editing of the field’s contents. To avoid other mediocre experiences, you should also have a clear button on the right side of the input.

What you should definitely not do is make it seem like the field is editable by keeping the contents in there, and then clear it when the user tries to type in it. That’s just rude.


It would be really nice if Messages knew about the people I had on Find My Friends. Right now there’s a disconnect that really doesn’t need to be there.

It works. It’s fine. But you know what would be better? Something like this:

Location in the same app, even on the main messages screen

Taking it even further

iOS also has capabilities to detect what you’re doing, such as walking, driving, etc, and I think it’d be really nice if it also said that.

Driving, especially. If the person who just texted me knew I was driving, they might understand why I’m not responding right away. Because I’m being safe, or whatever.

Update: 10/2014. iOS8 Implemented this feature, pretty much just how I outlined in my comp, minus the small text under the name on the main screen. I’ll take it. Much better.


When it’s so easy to pick five frames and try them on, it sure would be helpful to know which I’ve tried before and which I haven’t.

And it’d be so easy, too. They know my order history, and I’m logged in. Why not something like this?

“You ordered the Woodland Tortise color in Februrary 2014 and returned them.”