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The first part is interesting, but the last few minutes takes the cake with:

The four saddest letters in the english language are T.G.I.F. If all you do is get through and tolerate the workweek so you can have two days to yourself… that is unfortunate.

The culutral meaning of a lot of days is predicated on the belief that work is horrible, and to be tolerated until you get to the end of the week, at which point there’s this oasis called the weekend that starts on Friday night… and now you get this blissfill weekend that you want to hang onto as much as possible, and in the later hours of Sunday you begin to realize it’s going to be Monday tomorrow and this whole morbid cycle repeats. We don’t say it explicity, but there’s this a kind of continued reinforcement in that, of this idea that we shouldn’t think about work as something we’re excited to get back to.

The whole “Welp, IT’S MONDAY…” thing, and “Happy Friday!!!” thing has always annoyed the shit out of me, and that little nugget pretty much pins why. Am I supposed to wait until the weekend to enjoy my life? Or is it alright to have the most fun on a Tuesday?

In the last year or so with my current work life, my weekdays and weekends run into each other, with me sometimes wondering what day it is. Fridays and Saturdays are often my most productive work days, and sometimes I don’t do anything on say, a Monday. But I realize this isn’t normal. I’m just saying, those two guys make some good points.

But I guess I’m just one of those rare unicorns who actually likes to work, and does work that isn’t manual labor. My job and my passions align pretty well, and for that I am grateful. Weekends might be a different story, otherwise.

Either that, or I’m just like my parents and don’t know how to have a hobby and have fun, and only know how to work. Let’s not dig into that right now.

But regardless, every time I’ve seen one of those “Is it Friday yet?” signs on an office secretary’s desk, I’ve never thought “Oh how fun! What a cute sign! I can’t wait for Friday either!!”