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I’d like to see a sketch where Haley Joel Osment is going around living everyday life, doing everyday things, and wishing he’d get recognized, but nobody does, despite the obvious hints he drops.

Here’s two scenarios.

[Scene: A grocery store checkout line. The customer before Haley got his very heavy groceries bagged haphazardly, and starts walking out of the store.]

Haley: [to the clerk] That’s gonna break

[Bag breaks as customer reaches exit, groceries everywhere]

Clerk: Whoa, you called that one
Haley: Yeah, I guess I have a Sixth Sense [chuckles]
Clerk: Yeah, I guess you do.
Haley: [Raises eyebrows]
Clerk: …I’ll… make sure to double bag yours…

[Scene: Getting a coffee at a hipster coffee shop. American Beauty by the Grateful Dead is being played.]

Barista: How’s your day going?
Haley: Pretty good. Did you put this album on?
Barista: Oh yeah, I’m a big fan of the Dead.
Haley: Me too. And actually, I’ve seen lots of the dead. [chuckles]
Barista: [blank look]
Haley: [whispers] I see dead people
Barista: They’re called deadheads.

AND THAT’S JUST A TASTE. C’mon Haley, let’s get together and make this. I know people who make great videos.