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These guys are the weirdest. I’m a fan of what creative stuff they pull on guests, and none of it is staged or known by the guest beforehand. Worth going down a youtube rathole if you like this. Surreal and bizarre.

I have this in my bookmarks, and every once in a while I rewatch it. It’s totally bizarre, but oddly and genuinely motivational. When he plucks the imaginary birdseed out of his hand… I’m ready to start a revolution.

Bookmark this, and don’t let your dreams be dreams.

This guy is awesome. I love his attitude toward creativity, and making things.

The way he says “People assumed that I was just having fun, playing football with myself. But actually, I was making a drink”. 😂😂 So funny.

So what, let’s do the ridiculous. And by doing the ridiculous, something else might come of it. I’ve always had this feeling that times running out. That you only get so much time on the earth, and you’ve got to contribute something.

I hear that.