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This is my favorite TED talk ever. I love the message of this so much.

“We hate to do it, but we have to follow procedure”

Nothing infuriates me more than the blind substitution of rule following in place of common sense and logic.

[rules] like these are insurance policies against disaster. And they prevent disaster. But what they ensure in its place is mediocrity.


A work in progress song that sprung to life after binge watching five hours of Mad Men (I’m rewatching the entire series).

I have this in my bookmarks, and every once in a while I rewatch it. It’s totally bizarre, but oddly and genuinely motivational. When he plucks the imaginary birdseed out of his hand… I’m ready to start a revolution.

Bookmark this, and don’t let your dreams be dreams.

One of my favorite comedians, and favorite comedy bits. Totally ON POINT, and hilarious.

(Youtube likes to flag this for copyright violations, so if this video doesn’t exist whenever you’re watching this, here it is on Netflix, as part of the comedy special “Bare”. Start at 26:17 for this video.)

Can’t say I’m a big fan of guns, or bullshit arguments. And neither is Jim.

Check out part of a radio interview with him, where the gun-owning host is challenging some of his points.