Late 2021 feelings about it

This melody popped into my head one afternoon and I didn’t have any lyrics for it, so I started paging through my Evernote for lyrical scraps, where I came across the first verse, which I’d written a couple of years back.

Like a pine tree trying to hide its needles,
Like a ginger pretending he’s blonde
Well that Saturday, when I slipped and told you how I feel
Ever since then the feeling’s been gone

I also found another completely separate lyrical scrap:

Well you say you’re classy
but it’s just a veneer
you’re independent
as long as I buy all your beer

Here’s the first acoustic demo, when I just started fleshing the song out.

The rest of the lyrics I wrote to go along with the current meaning of the song, using a mix of truth and fiction.

I’m made of glass, and you can see right through me
hiding the truth, it doesn’t mean much to me
and so here’s where it ends,
you can keep the twenties the fives and the tens
don’t you get lost, when you’re searching for your next ATM

well you say you’re clever,
well i guess you fooled me
now that we’re not together
you got more time for tv

if you’re not careful it’ll all slip away
and you’ll have all empty pages at the end of the day

I feel like I really made some progress with this one as far as production quality went. Spent a lot of time getting the mix and mastering sounding right, which always gives me so much respect for sound engineers. It is not easy making a recording sound like a… recording.

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