About a dramatic relationship.

This song took some effort to complete, and musically it still feels a little dry, but I like some of the lyrics.

There ain’t no remedy for this affliciton
I’d classify this love as addiction
I can’t seem to make it pay
The bill gets bigger each day

I think about you when I’m sleeping
I can hear my heart beating
It’s still broken, but still pumping
Don’t wanna give up, but I gotta do something

I can’t turn away
Oh I can’t walk away
I just know that I don’t wanna play the games you have
They end today

There ain’t no elixir for the drinking
To keep this ship we’re on from sinking
There ain’t no pill that we can swallow
To stop from feeling so hollow

I’m too willing and I’m too eager
I’ve got a heart, you’ve got a cleaver
I’ve been broken—I’ve got bruises
I make plans—you make excuses

I’m turning around
The road ahead: it’s trodden ground
I should’ve left you before the fray—
Before the heartbreak, before today

I’ve had enough of all this friction
Less of a drug; more of a restriction
Some things weren’t meant to be
You gotta be you

I’m too honest I’ll share my history
You try to keep your height a mystery
So best of luck in warmer weathers
And all your future endeavors

Goodbye! Sianara!
I won’t be seeing you tomorrow
I won’t be calling
I won’t be writing
Because I’m so tired of all the fighting

I think
I think that maybe
you’re just a little bit fucking crazy

And I don’t want that destiny
So I’m leaving you, ‘cause that’s the remedy

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