Rest Of Linda

  1. Crest Charcoal Toothpaste
    Linda isn't getting the results she expected with her charcoal teeth cleaning regimen
  2. Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf
    Linda wants to go swimming at the mini golf course
  3. Cedar Ridge Wind Farm
    Linda is getting blown off the road
  4. Altitude Sickness
    Linda has a question about altitude sickness
  5. Keep Calm and Chive On
    Linda alerts the Chive of possible copyright infringement
  6. Listerine Zero
    Linda loves the new zero-calorie Listerine
  7. Arby's 13-Hour Smoked Brisket
    Linda doesn't want to wait so long for Arby's new 13-Hour smoked brisket.
  8. Jazzercise
    Linda doesn't understand the jazz in jazzercise.
  9. TurboTax
    Linda is surprised at her Turbotax bill.
  10. Clue
    Linda is concerned about the age range listed on the Clue box.
  11. Blockbuster Video
    Linda is paranoid about the FBI warning on a rented movie.
  12. Polish Nail Spa
    Linda thinks she found the perfect nail spa that will make her exchange student from Poland feel right at home
  13. Covert Ford
    Linda thinks she found the perfect place to buy a car to surprise her husband.
  14. Free Whitepaper
    Linda is very interested in getting some paper.
  15. Melted M&Ms
    Linda has some trouble with some melted M&Ms on a desert survival retreat.
  16. Tostitos Scoops
    Linda's expectations of Tostitos scoops are far too high.
  17. Force Flex Trash Bags
    Linda has some trouble with "puncture-proof" trash bags.
  18. Tempur-Pedic
    Linda takes hyperbole as a genuine suggestion and ruins a mattress.
  19. Easy Bake Oven
    Linda finds out the hard way that the Easy Bake oven doesn't cook very well.
  20. Pilsbury Toaster Strudel
    Linda loses it over some bad parenting in a fictional TV commercial
  21. Subway
    Linda finds that subways sandwiches don't quite measure up.
  22. Pepsi
    Linda finds that the 20 year old Crystal Pepsi she saved in her basement doesn't taste quite right.